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UnderKonstruction was formed with the intentions of reducing domestic violence, raising a greater awareness in the community, and to provide victims and their families with a safe space to express their feelings and concerns as they address domestic violence.

Individuals affected by domestic violence would benefit from services such as: psycho-education, motivation, inspiration, and group sessions. UK believes that with genuine support, individuals will thrive as they seek to re-build their character, challenge patterns of behaviors and re-claim an abuse free lifestyle

What we offer

Services will be provided in the form of:

Removing The Mask

This psycho-educational, self-motivated programme is designed to meet the needs of individuals who have been directly abused by their intimate partner. Whether currently in, recently out of, or finding that you can’t move past a previous relationship. Individuals will walk away with a greater understanding of setting healthy boundaries, individual rights, and assertiveness techniques. Individuals can participate as a group (reflective and accountability), or individual sessions. Sessions are 1x weekly for approximately 13 weeks for 2 hours. (materials included)

Pardon My Appearance

Educational/ Family Support closed group. The sessions are designed for those indirectly affected by abuse of a loved one. These sessions will focus on rebuilding relationships, regaining trust/support and education regarding the effects associated with abuse. This group targets families or friendships that have been strained or severed due to a current or past abusive relationship/s. Group sessions are 1x weekly, approximately 8 weeks, and up to 4 individuals per 1 hour group sessions.

Uniquely Kept

This educational, self- esteem programme is designed for group participation as a preventative work with young women 13-17. Its core activities is to address building self-esteem, understanding needs/desires, practicing assertiveness skills, and learning how to build / recognize nurturing relationships. Group sessions are 1x weekly approximately 10 weeks for 2 hours.

Sister’s keeper

Support group- This informal, open ended, self- help group participation aims to strengthen, and empower female survivors of abuse. Individuals are encouraged to participate in the decision making process, freedom of speech, ideas, experiences, and most importantly, the opportunity to share and receive valuable support with other participants who have experienced abuse.

Community education and trainings

Presentations about domestic violence, relationship abuse, and how to protect yourself or loved ones from the ill effects. Provide tools that can educate the community and various service providers.

Employer awareness and organizational response seminars

Provide employers with a " How to deal with Domestic Violence in the Workplace" eBook, staff awareness Do's and Dont's, and assist employers with incorporating effective domestic violence policies and procedures manuals.

Court Advocate

A Court Advocate can assist with the following: Attend court hearings, inform of processes and procedures, help process the outcome, develop a safety plan, assist with filing necessary documents, individual and group support, education and therapeutic intervention.

Protection Orders

Tina is passionate about supporting and guiding people toward living a purpose-filled life.

As a teenager......

until I reached my early twenties, I experienced domestic violence at the hands of someone that claimed to love me. It wasn’t easy to break away, but I made the choice that I no longer wanted to hurt, lie, or make excuses about his behaviour. I decided to call it what it was “ domestic abuse.” It felt like I was referring to a plague when I would talk about the abuse to anyone, because I often received the advice that I should either leave OR stay and keep the peace. There were no services available that would allow me the space to vent about my frustrations, share my experiences, or to provide me with the support I needed until I felt I was strong enough to leave the relationship.

Once I left that relationship...

"I vowed that someday I will provide others with the necessary support to assist them while in an abusive relationship. I am grateful, that I have not been in an abusive relationship for 20 years. My heart remains with the women and men who are currently in this situation and for those who have left and are now rebuilding their lives.”

What Others Say


I came across Under Konstruction via social media and I was compelled to reach out to request therapeutic services. I found my sessions with Tina Laws to be empowering, encouraging and beneficial. I would recommend Under Konstruction to anyone seeking professional therapy.

J. Smith


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Coming Soon

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Under Konstruction Programs

Under Konstruction has been developed to cater to the needs of those that are often the strength for others, professionals, mothers, students, career seeking and has a heart. The goal is to be our sister’s keeper, and to provide a safe haven for those seeking to trust, re-build, and establish their innate strength. Most importantly, to be reminded that ABUSE has no face or boundaries! Removing your mask may be uncomfortable, but once it’s off, you are FREE!

Tina Laws 

Tina T. Laws obtained a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree from University of Central Florida. She completed her graduate studies through Walden University where she completed her Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Tina gained culturally diverse experience while working and volunteering in therapeutic environments in the United States and Bermuda.

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